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If your interested in any of our programs please call us or leave us a message

Offering Memberships for Parents and Businesses

For 2021 We will offer Free Memberships for Parents. We are now looking for Local Businesses who would like to join our team to offer their Services and Products throughout Ohio and Michigan

Please support the Mission

The New Me Foundation will now provide an Center for Autistic Students Before and After-school. We need the support of the community to help us collect donations, and to make sure were state ready before Fall 2021 to open the doors for the Community.

Save the Youth Campaign

Each year we team up with other Non-profits in the community to provide events ,Forums, and other resources . Awhile we reach out to the community asking for support to give back to youth in the community.

TNMF History

Who we are:

The New Me Foundation is a 501c3 Non-profit Corporation serving  Ohio and Michigan community the importance of youth development, Curriculum based programming, and empowering teens with Job and College Readiness. Target Market: All youth ages 5-17 in current cities we aim to work in.

Our Mission: 

To create a positive atmosphere for children in the community.

What we do:

We offer 5 programs: Dance, Modeling, Fitness, Grant Research Program, and After-school Media. Target Market: All youth ages 5-17 in current cities we aim to work in

Goals & Objectives

  • To provide students with programs, mentoring, and resources for all families and youth.
  • To establish healthy and maintaining relationships with other organizations who focus on youth & business development.
  • Important life skills about teamwork, responsibility, time management and budgeting improve their self-esteem; they learn to contribute and express themselves in positive ways and improve their behavior and social interaction at school and in the wider community.


Since 2012, we have held 40+ fundraisers, 20+ Classes, 10+ Parent Night Workshops, and 3 Campaigns. We have successfully reached 75+ students through our programs by going to the places these youth like to go libraries, parks, etc. 


We realize the only way to actually offer these programs for this age group is to provide a safe and fun place for them to want to go. We also realize this task can’t be done alone we collaborate with other local organizations who may have the skills in other fields but would like to help carry on the mission .By using this approach we also help these businesses by providing space for meetings, events, or Coaching Consultation.


For the 5 years we hold a fundraiser called “Save the music ” , the purpose of this event is to bring local artists together for one night , and give a percentage of the proceeds to youth interested in music and arts .

For the 2022 we will expanded this event into a 12 city tour ,which we have many national artists who will travel with us to serve the mission above .


Expanding Our Programs

For 2021 we are working in Two States Ohio and Michigan , we are excited for the Expansion.

We are currently looking for

6 Program Instructors

3 Board Members


5 People looking to become a certified RBT in Toledo, Ohio


Offering Dance for Children ages 9 and up . Providing Summer Camo and more


3-6 week Course Membership per Class $125.00 Focusing on creating a Portfolio Photography Building Self-Esteem Self Confidence Hair/Skin Techniques Runway and More


Cost per Membership $35.00 or $6.00 per Class Monthly Fitness Classes BMI Consultation /Health Assessments Weight Loss Goal Tracking Fitness Boot Camp Healthy Menu Options

Events and Programs

June 19th Summer Camp begins

July 1st Save The Youth Campaign Begins

August 6th LAUNCH of EDN Productions

Save The Music Event (Detroit) August 13th

Save The Music Event (Toledo) August 20th

Save the Music Event (Atlanta) August 28th


If your interested in being a sponsor, Vendor , or Host for any events be sure to let us know as soon as possible .







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Monday – Friday: 11am – 8pm
Saturday: 9am – 5pm
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